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Hello there,  I’m Sonia and welcome to my story.

Writing a blog has always been something I wanted to do. I’ve always loved writing but seem to always find excuses to not start the blog; not enough time, what to write about, will people even read it? But most importantly, I kept telling myself what on earth would people say about me if I were to start blog? I was so scared of people judging me or talking about me, but I finally realize who cares what other people say about you? God is the only one who can judge me. His opinion is the only one that matters, so here I am writing for my blog!

I hope you enjoy your journey with me while I go on figuring who I am as a person, and enjoy little bits and pieces of my life. I will share with you guys, some recipes, tips, advice, life hacks and just things that I love! Hopefully with time I can expand and see what God brings in my life!

Now I’m not a professional, I honestly have no idea what I am doing, but I am starting, learning and loving the process. I am trusting God in this journey and hope to be able to spread His love in ways that people might take more personally.

With love Sonia    logo_size_icon